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Throwing stars are commonly known as a ninja's weapon, when in fact the samurai class and various other martial arts groups where known to use these throwing stars.
There are numerous different shapes and sizes of these throwing stars.
In centuries past, the shape of the throwing star would tell from which group or clan they come from.

The correct term for all multi-pointed throwing blades is actually Shaken and not Shuriken. Shuriken refers only to the one or two pointed throwing spikes, also called Dirks.

These shaken or shuriken are a versatile addition to the ninja's arsenal.
There is a wide misunderstanding that they are thrown to kill, when in fact they are mainly used to injure or distract the opponent.
Only a highly skilled artist could cause death, taking into account also the type of throw and point of impact on the opponents body. Though it must be said that the opponent would only die from loss of blood or lack of air intake.

The Koga style does not only involve throwing these objects, but also uses them in close combat, such as cutting, stabbing or even prying the lock of a door or window.

The two most common methods of throwing are:-

Ax Throw
Waist Throw