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The Ninja-To ("Sword Of Darkness") is a sword, shorter than the Samurai's Katana (sword), has a straight blade and square hand-guard, rather than the Katana's curved blade and oval hand-guard.

The Ninja-To is also a forged blade, but it is made of a much cheaper steel than the Katana, due to the fact that the ninja regards his sword as a tool, whereas the Katana is seen as a precious soul mate to it's Samurai.

The Ninja-To also consists of a scabbard and a tsuba.
The scabbard was used both as a tool in combat and as a breathing pipe when hiding under water.
The tsuba was used as a step or hooking tool and could also be used when striking or pressing on a pressure point.

The tip of the scabbard was removable, so that poisons, potions and blinding powder, etc., could be stored in it.

Besides cutting and slicing, the shiny blade was used to reflect sunlight in order to send signals and also to blind the opponent.