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Even though Portugal is the land that is said to have introduced the fire arm to Japan, for centuries it was told that the ninja were the first to use gunpowder, canons and explosives in warfare.

Through the years, many techniques have been developed in order to use and maintain possession of ones firearm, and also to remove and use an opponent's firearm again him.

Nobody can stop a bullet, but within the correct distance you could certainly manipulate the attacker's intentions in order to gain access to over-power him or at least turn the tables angainst him.

The excuse is usualy "I dont need a firearm" but, when you are apprehended with a gun, how are you going to handle the situation, once you have control over the assailent and how are you going to handle the firearm, are you just going to leave it there and let a passerby take it and or even get rid of the evidence....

It is wrong to say you are afraid of firearms, it should be more like you respect firearms!