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Blow Guns/ Pipes and Darts (the assassin's tool), are one of the ninja's silent deadly tools, used for a stealth kill (such as to kill a sentry or highly protected victim), by merely dipping the point of the dart in a poison or sleeping agent, sometimes an old rusty nail can do just as much damage if you don't get to the doctor soon.

Blow guns or pipes could be made of any material such as cane,bamboo, stainless steele, aluminum or even plastic, PVC pipe, some are collapsable so it could easily be concealed or carried around. The darts could be manufacture of high quality stainless steel, surgicle steel, bamboo or cane strips or even long thin masonry nails with flights ranging from feathers, cone or round shaped plastic caps or self fabricated flights made of paper some reinforced with masking type or some sorts

The ninja were also not the only people to use blow guns, ever since time can remember Amazons used the blue pipe system for hunting, some of the blow pipes were extremely long, for shooting off the poisend or drug dipped darts high into trees to get their prey.