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Master Barry Pictor founded the South African Ninjutsu Federation in 1984. From then on, under the guidance of Capt. Ben Mangels (Master) and Ashida Kim (Master), the art of the Koga-Ryu system was passed on to various talented practitioners. They studied thoroughly to achieve the ultimate fighting or self-defense abilities, which only the art of the ninja could offer.
Through the years the art of ninjutsu has gone through many stages and has adapted, as is still adapting, to modern society and their modern fighting capabilities.
Hence today, there are no tournaments or competitions held, but strict supervision is kept on technique compliance before any grading is considered.
It is also known and to be accepted that there are other ninjutsu schools in South Africa today. There are currently no ties between myself, as head of the Cape Ninjutsu Federation, and any other school, style or form of ninjutsu in RSA.

Today, ninjutsu is a non-political, non-religious and non-racial society.

It is, however, in many circles, said that the Koga-Ryu system does no longer exist, and that it died out in the 1960's. This is clearly not the case, and the art is still, like any other art, passed on from teacher to student...even up until till this very day!

Go on the web sites and see all the various Koga-Ryu schools all over the world, Blood sport gives you "Frank Dux" he is a true and living legend untill today leading the DUX RYU DOJO in America, practicing Koga-Ryu Ninjutsu, as also "The late" Prof. Ronald Duncan whom is at present a well known figure in the traditions of the koga-ryu ninjutsu society.....as also many other more. As it is we as ninjutsu practitioners are also constantly accused of being fakes... Myself and hopefully all other non-lineage members do however maintain and uphold the fact we are not ninja, we only practice and strive to uphold the fighting spirit of ninjutsu, no matter from whos lineage or tradition it came from, as so-called researchers and historians are proclaiming "Ninja did not have a fighting system of there own" but we the new and modern ninjutsu practioners will make it our goal to create and expand a combat system which will forever incorporate a great self defense system for any individual whom is interested in learning self defense.....

Also most important is the teachings of the late Master Seito Fujita who was known as the last Koga Ryu teacher who's teachings are still being carried over to many who wish to learn, they currently run the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Society.

It is so that, not many literature and documentation concerning the art of the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu as also their lineage history and activities are easily found, this is due to fact that this style of ninjutsu was used a lot during the war periods and that historical events and names were often disposed of to protect family and political agender.The art and training was carried on in secrecy, many secrets are still guarded today..

Till to date, as far as my knowledge, the lineage of myself is as:

Soke Ben Mangols

Count Raphael Dante

Soke Ashida Kim

Shihan Barry Pictor

Sensei Chris Engels

Soke Stoffel Van Vuuren

Shihan Paul W Bothma

In the event of any misconceptions or any untruthfulness of my current status and authenticity, these above instructors are responsible to have me believe to be practicing authentic "Ninjutsu" and practicing the ; "DANT TE SYSTEM" as taught by Shihan Barry Pictor, or whom has trained together or passed down tuition or information between each other towards me and other sensei and the growth of this art, concerning the teachings of the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu in South Africa. All the names except Soke Ben Mangols and the late Count Raphael Dante mentioned above have personaly been involved with me and my growth and training either by telephone or personal training.

All my certificates received, are signed and dated by the later four instructors mentioned above. As also a 5th Degree certificate signed and dated by the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu Society. See instructors list of (www.KOGA RYU NINJUTSU SOCIETY.com)

In the event of any above later four instructors not claiming to know or recognize my status could be be put down as "dojo politic syndrome"

Hale to the Leaders, instructors and members who uphold the teachings of this art !